About Qualtek

Qualtek has been founded with the vision to design and manufacture on large scale systems with communication extensions for the consumer and the corporate markets.

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In order to stay up-to-date with respect to new technologies evolution and follow up the rapid pace by which they impact people lives through new product prepositions, Qualtek invests systematically on research activities addressing following areas:

Consumer solutions for home automation and content management

Protocols design for telecom systems

Application specific microelectronic solutions.

In the frame of the first two areas, Qualtek personnel has substantial experience in the participation and coordination of European collaborative projects on telecommunication technologies, such as 5G and Future Internet Infrastructures, and home communication solutions and protocols, such as residential gateways and powerline interfaces.


In what concerns application-specific microelectronic solutions, Qualtek personnel has had designed and implemented high-speed multimedia transmission solutions, using the DVB-RCS protocol, as well as communication interfaces for the Spacewire protocol. These activities were carried in the frame of European Space Agency (ESA) contracts.